Brands with Budgets

Brands with Budgets

July 2023

Searching for Tech creators

NordVPN is a trusted VPN service that encrypts your internet traffic and hides your IP. NordVPN offers enhanced online privacy, security, and protection, keeping your data safe even on public Wi-Fi.

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Searching for Beauty creators

SOSHE makes high performance makeup you’ll wear on repeat. Effective, clean formulas in conscious refillable packaging that’s good on you and good for you.

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Searching for Finance creators

Copilot is an app that automatically tracks your finances, subscriptions, and bills. It provides summaries and uses machine learning to deliver hyper-personalized finance data insights.

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Searching for Music creators

Discz is a social media app built around music. Think Spotify meets MySpace but in 2023 — you can customize your profile, talk to other users and make friends over shared music taste.

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