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Volume 15 • January 17th

January is flying by 🚀 but we’ve got you with some fresh paid partnership opportunities!

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July Partner ✨

🔎 Looking for Skincare & Beauty Creators

HoneyDew is the go-to provider of FDA-approved treatments for clear skin! Looking for creators to join the partnership program and highlight their journey to clear skin!


July Partner ✨

🔎 Looking for Lifestyle Creators

Ultraviolet Social Club is more than just an app. Create a community where you can earn money and offer your members VIP access into your world while elevating your own.


🔎 Looking for Fashion & Lifestyle Creators

Curtsy is an app that makes it easy to thrift and sell 👗 letting you refresh your closet without hurting your wallet! Looking for fashionistas & thrifters to share their winter ❄️ wardrobes today!


🔎 Looking for Health & Wellness Creators

SuperMush believes incredible health and amazing taste are not mutually exclusive! Their products bring the benefits of mushrooms 🍄

in easily consumable gummies.


🔎 Looking for Parenthood & Lifestyle Creators

Joovy produces children's gear for parents by parents! Use their products and build memories together as a family for a lifetime 👼


July Partner ✨

🔎 Looking for Restaurant Owners & Hospitality Creators

Boostly is the superior text marketing platform to expand your restaurant business! They are looking for restaurant owners and food industry professionals to join their talent campaign 🧑‍🍳

ICanIWill Sportswear

🔎 Looking for Fitness Creators

“I CAN I WILL” ✊ are the words that motivated their founder Gustaf Ollas to start this high quality sportswear brand. Join their ambassador program now and strive to achieve your highest goals this new year!

NextEvo Naturals

🔎 Looking for Health & Wellness Creators

NextEvo Naturals produces water-soluble 💧 CBD products which have better bioavailability making the health benefits more easily consumable for you!

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