January 3, 2023

HOW TO: Connecting Instagram and Facebook

Your social platforms need to speak to one another. Having your Instagram and Facebook connected improves the accuracy of your analytics, lets you share posts across platforms, and streamlines your business into one management center. Let’s walk through how to connect the two platforms together, and set you up for success!

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Business for Instagram

If you don’t already have one, you’re going to want to upgrade your Instagram account to a business account. This account type will give you analytics, let you access the professional dashboard, and allow you to display your contact information on your profile — all things you need as a creator.

To upgrade your account:

  • Go to Settings

  • Set up Professional Account

  • Select a Category

Facebook Business Page

You’re also going to need to make a specific Facebook page for your business. Facebook Business Page gives you benefits like analytics, content scheduling, boosted posts, and more. You’ll need to have a personal account already set up in order to add a business page.

To set up a Business Page all you need to do is:

  • Create new page in Facebook’s new Pages and Profiles section

  • Add your Page name and category

  • Add your Page’s bio and click Create

  • (Optional) Add information, photos, and invite friends to connect

  • Click Done

Connecting Facebook to Instagram

Now that you have an Instagram Business Account and a Facebook Business Page — it’s time to connect the two. Connecting these two accounts will allow you to promote posts and stories across platforms, gain access to cross-app tools, and have better data at your fingertips.

To connect your Facebook Business Page to your Instagram:

  • Go to Instagram

  • Edit Profile

  • Under Public business information —> Connect or create a Page

  • Connect an existing Page

  • Choose a Page category

Connecting Instagram to Facebook

To complete the connection of your Instagram and Facebook Business Page, you will need to go back to Facebook and connect your Instagram to your Facebook page.

Log into your Facebook Business Page and then:

  • Go to settings

  • Linked Accounts

  • Under Instagram select Connect account

  • Enter username and password to log in

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