November 15, 2023

Owning your Audience Beyond Social Media

Growing your audience is essential to your online success as a creator, but owning that audience will allow you to create a sustainable career from your social media presence. What does owning your audience mean? It means having a community that will follow you wherever you go — whether on a social media platform or off it. Check out our five ways to own your audience outside of your social media platforms.

Read article ways to own your audience (away from social media):
  • Email List

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Discord Channel

  • Subscription Service

  • Products and Merchandise

Email List

Allowing your community to sign up for an email list is a fantastic way to encourage your audience to connect with you away from social media. You can send newsletters, updates, and exclusive content — anything to incentivize your followers to continue to engage with you. Email marketing is also easy to manage, thanks to third-party platforms like MailChimp or Convertkit.

Mobile Marketing

Like email marketing, mobile marketing is another fantastic way to engage with your audience, especially if your audience is younger. Mobile marketing platforms like SlickText and Sendinblue allow you to communicate directly via your follower’s mobile phones. Regular communication via text will also help your followers feel more connected to you and your content.


Creating a Discord for your audience can be a super easy, effective way to cultivate community away from Instagram or TikTok. Odds are, your followers have a lot of similarities beyond just following you. Creating a space for them to speak can strengthen your audience's bonds with each other and you. You can also use a Discord channel to offer exclusive content and updates and incentivize your followers to engage with your online presence.

Subscription Service

Want to create a way to monetize your audience directly? Join a subscription service! Sites like Patreon allow you to offer exclusive content to your followers for a monthly fee. Not only is this another revenue stream for your business, but it’s also a way to have autonomy over your customer base. Get creative with unique content you can provide to your monthly members!


A loyal following means you have a group of people who trust you. Your audience is more likely to purchase directly from you than from a brand they don’t connect with. Offering your followers products helps you own the relationship even further. If you’re a fitness influencer, develop a workout guide. Skin-care creators can create a night-time routine for different skin types. Whatever your niche, there’s a digital product you can make that will benefit your community. Additionally, offering branded merch for your followers can increase their loyalty to you while making you money.

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