February 7, 2023

Top 5 Qualities Brands Are Looking For In Creators

More brands than ever are turning to creators in search of marketing partners. How can you convince a brand they need you as a partner? Here are the top qualities brands are looking for in creators and what you can do to impress your next partner.

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1. Strong Identity

Brands want to make quick decisions about who is a good fit for their product and who isn’t. Having a strong identity means that your social platforms immediately communicate who you are and what your niche is. Brands should be able to identify why you would be a great fit for a partnership just by looking at your online presence. Separate yourself from the pack by virtually displaying who you are in a clear way.

2. Consistency

When trying to attract more brand partners, actively posting and engaging in your social communities is essential. Whatever your posting schedule is — stick to it and don’t deviate. The internet moves fast and everything is temporary. Brands want to know they can rely on you to keep up your online engagement and continue to bring new customers to their product.

3. Authenticity

It should come as no surprise that authenticity is one of the most sought after qualities of a creator. That’s because brands know organic content that doesn’t feel like advertising is the most successful marketing. In fact, consumers value relatability two times higher than the popularity of the product’s spokesperson. With a loyal community that trusts your opinions, you have something every brand needs: genuine influence.

4. High-Quality Content

Brands are looking for creators that can delivery high-quality creative work. Similar to how you want to distinguish yourself from other creators with your identity, your content should work to further set you apart from your peers. Brands are coming to you as a content expert; show up with impressive deliverables that will bring value to any campaign.

5. Professionalism

One of the easiest and most overlooked ways you can impress potential brand partners is to handle your business professionally. Clear and consistent communication throughout a deal is essential when completing a paid partnership. When getting paid for your services, you’re also getting paid to be responsive and helpful to the brand when the job requires it. Be prepared and come to each partnership with possible content ideas and deliverable proposals. Don’t forget about receiving criticism and feedback; being able to stay open and flexible to brand comments will only help serve the final product.

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