November 22, 2022

Why Blogging is Still Important for Creators in 2023

Is it still important for creators to keep an active blog presence? At July, we think so. There are many benefits to maintaining a blog presence. Here are our top six reasons why every online creator should have a blog!

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Building Credibility

One of the most important reasons to have a blog is to build credibility as a creator. Brands looking to partner with creators are much more likely to reach out if you have an online home base. You want to create a space where someone can learn about you, your business, and and your social presence all in one place.

Try to think of your blog as a landing page for your business. Give your audience and potential brand partners a professional place to find you— it will only add to your credibility.

Option for Long Form Content

While it’s important to create engaging short form content for your social platforms, it’s equally as valuable to find a way to create long form content for those in your audience who want it. With long form blog posts you have an opportunity to dive deeper into any experience, product, or topic you want. Blogs allow you to go more in depth and clearly communicate the benefits of a product/service. You can tell a more complete story than a caption on Instagram or TikTok may let you.

Online Visibility and SEO

Beyond just having a landing page for your business, consistent blogging helps to increase your SEO or search engine optimization. This simply means that google will essentially send you free and organic traffic if you make high quality content.

When users search for specific keywords that are similar to those in your blog posts, your website will come up as a google search result for them. The more ways you can allow users and brands to find you, the more your audience will grow.

Some helpful resources to get you started with SEO:

Evergreen Content

If every social media platform disappeared tomorrow, where would people go to find you? Keeping your website and blog updated can help remedy that problem. It creates permanence for your content and gives your business a home outside of social media.

Blogs are also evergreen. That means that the content in them is relevant any time of year and is not limited to a specific season, holiday or event. Evergreen content is not time sensitive and will continue to drive traffic long after it was originally published. This is especially attractive to brands you may want to partner with. Blog posts where you promote and link their products will never have an expiration date and could continue to drive traffic to that brand indefinitely through Google’s search engine.

Building an Email List

Email lists are a very valuable marketing tool and having a blog is one of the best and easiest ways to build an email list. Your blog creates an effortless opportunity for your audience to sign up for a newsletter (SquareSpace or WordPress will allow you to embed newsletter signup within your site.)With that list, you have an immediate pathway to share content directly with your audience. This acquired email list is an asset to use when pitching yourself to brands you want to work with. Brands want to partner with creators that have a loyal newsletter audience because it helps their product get seen by new eyes in a genuine way.

Performance Metrics

Blogs deliver specific and useful performance metrics. While Instagram can show you your accounts reached and accounts engaged, analytics from a website can tell you your actual views, ROI (return on investment), referrals, leads, sales, as well as conversion rates. More specific performance metrics will allow you to share real, tangible evidence of your value as a brand partner.

You can show how many actual customers you directed to a brand’s page from your paid partnership, or even calculate how much money a brand made because of your blog post. With that information, you can price yourself better for your next deal. We recommend using Google Analytics to track data about your blog, website, and conversions.

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