March 9, 2023

FUNDAMENTALS: Whitelisting

You’ve probably heard of the term “whitelisting” before, whether it was snuck into a partnerships contract or pitched to you as a deliverable. But what does “whitelisting” entail and how does that affect your rates? We’ve got the 411 below.

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What is whitelisting?

Whitelisting is when you give a brand partner advertising permissions to your social media accounts. This allows brands to run paid advertisements through your handle — making the ad feel more authentic. Brands want their ads to feel like a seamless extension of a consumer’s social media feed, and whitelisting is an amazing way to do that.

Why is whitelisting so valuable?

Whitelisting allows you to: extend your reach to the brand’s audience, drive new traffic to your account, and increase engagement. It opens the opportunity for you to earn more money by having a brand put money behind content and extend the shelf life of that content. The boost in visibility can quickly generate a larger fan base and expose you to new audiences who may not have interacted with you before.Brands can also run multiple versions of the same ad without fatiguing the same audience and make small edits to test which content has the best ROI. Note that a good brand partner will always show the creator what the edited post is like.

How does it work?

After negotiating a contract, brands will get whitelisting permissions from a creator’s Facebook Ad Manager. This will allow the brand to schedule and run ads through a creator’s Instagram and/or Facebook. Having your instagram and facebook connected is super important to allow brands to manage the deal from Facebook Ads Manager. Don’t know how to connect the two platforms? Check out this easy how-to guide.

Factoring in your rates

As whitelisting becomes more prevalent in the industry, some creators present rates with it already included in their price. Other creators charge depending on the amount of time the content will be used. As a baseline, we recommend charging at least 1.25% of your original rate if whitelisting is included. You can adjust your pricing to reflect the amount of time you’re granting the brand to use your content and the amount of content you’re giving them access to.

Always be careful when giving a brand whitelisting permission — it only takes one rogue partnership to jeopardize your account. Make sure that the brand you are giving access to is trustworthy and an overall good partner.

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