December 18, 2023

Beauty Creators: Let's Talk Brand Deals

Whether you're a makeup enthusiast on Instagram, a skincare guru on YouTube, or a trendsetting beauty creator on TikTok, understanding how brand deals work and venturing into monetization through brand sponsorships is not just a choice — it's a crucial step toward unlocking your full potential.

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We’ve rounded up our top 5 tips to start monetizing your beauty career:

1. Stay informed about active deals

Take a look at the most recent partnership opportunities and familiarize yourself with the kinds of collaborations brands are looking for. July makes this super simple! Just subscribe to our Brands with Budgets email to get updates about brands actively searching for content creators like you.

2. Get your Media Kit looking sharp

Selling yourself can be hard. Designing a media kit can be even harder. But guess what? As soon as you create a free July account and link your socials… we automatically do all that for you! Check out some real examples of our users’ beautiful media kits.

A great media kit allows you to make a great first impression! You can also show statistics, audience demographics, and notable achievements in a visually compelling way — this helps brands quickly understand each creator's reach and impact. Brands often receive numerous collaboration requests, and a visually appealing up-to-date media kits goes a long way. Make it easy for the brand to understand why they need to work with you!

3. Set your rates

How much should you even charge for a brand deal? If you’ve never worked with a brand before, it can be really difficult to know where to start negotiating rates. But don’t worry - you can use our rate calculator and estimate how much you could be making.

Determining your worth as a beauty creator is a crucial aspect of the monetization journey. While it can be tempting to accept any collaboration that comes your way, setting reasonable and consistent rates is vital for your long-term success.

4. Start pitching brands

Once you create a free July account our AI goes to work matching you with brands based on your content. You’ll see a percentage match score next to each brand campaign. From there, you’re one button away from contacting that brand’s decision maker directly; just press “Pitch.”

We suggest you add your voice and personality to each pitch template we offer. Highlight specific aspects of your content that make it a perfect fit for the brand. Whether it's your storytelling skills, authenticity, or unique approach to beauty, emphasize what sets you apart. Don't shy away from expressing your passion for the brand and how you envision integrating their products seamlessly into your content.

5. Keep pitching… A LOT

It usually takes lots of pitching in order to start hearing back from brands and eventually landing deals. While it’s fun to hand-pick the brands you want to contact on July, why not let AI do it for you automatically? Consider enabling our automatic pitching feature, which will send customized pitches on your behalf to every high-probability match the second they drop.

By following these five essential steps, you'll not only enhance your chances of securing lucrative brand deals but also establish yourself as a respected and influential beauty creator in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Overwhelmed? Our Brands with Budgets newsletter is the perfect place to start - get weekly emails about the best partnership opportunities for free!