November 15, 2022

HOW TO: Write the Perfect Custom Brand Pitch

We’ve created a guide to crafting the perfect brand pitch, so you can monetize the products you already use in your content! This is one of the best ways to build successful brand/creator relationships.

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Identify Your Product

For some creators, finding their dream partnership might be easy. They may have a product they use all the time and already advocate for. However,  if you don’t fit into that category of creator, try to brainstorm ways you could integrate a specific brand or product into your everyday content. Maybe you’re a cooking influencer and consistently use the same cooking spray or flour in every recipe. Maybe you run a pet account and you’ve found indestructible tennis balls for your dog. Whatever your niche, you can find a product and a brand that fits seamlessly into your content without sticking out. Once you’ve identified it, you can think about how to prove your value to that company.

Showcase Your Content

In our case study, we demonstrated our creator’s value through her work on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and on her blog. You can add value in different ways, but beginning with the engagement you’ve generated is a great starting point. Show the content you’ve created, and the data behind it. Highlight videos or photos featuring the brand you’re targeting. Demonstrate this content across all of your platforms, whatever those may be. Explain your content and why it's helpful for this specific brand. If you have other metrics that would show your value (conversion statistics, etc.) make sure to present those as well.

Show Your Audience's Engagement

By far, the most important part of this pitch is demonstrating how you’ve engaged your community with the product you’re promoting. Find specific instances where you’ve been in direct conversation with a follower about the brand, whether it’s through comments or DMs. If you don’t have any examples, see if you’ve mentioned the brand in your captions or advocated for them in a blog post. Anything that shows you recommend the product is impressive for a brand to see.

Plan for Future Integrations

Brands want to be sure partnering with you will benefit them, both in return on investment and ease of partnership. Show the work ethic you would bring to a collaboration. On the last page of our case study, we outline a typical content schedule integrating the product into Emily’s organic content. This shows you manage your time efficiently, and that you are professional about your career. It also demonstrates how often you’re advocating for a brand, and how consistently you’d promote their product. Also elaborate on ideas that would work with your audience – showing your vision for the partnership is important.

Tell A Story

Your pitch should exemplify your personal brand, and be consistent with the content across your platforms – this is an opportunity to show the quality and style of content that you can produce. Clear images, bold and concise text, and organized formatting create a compelling, well designed story. Feel free to use our case study as a design template, but bring in your own personal taste and flavor. This pitch is all about proving your value as a partner. Make sure you communicate how you’ve already created business for this brand, and how you’ll continue to do so.

Here is our Perfect Custom Brand Pitch – as always, check out July for more tools to help you grow your creator business.