December 18, 2023

Fashionistas: Let's Talk Content!

In the visually-driven world of fashion influencing, creating compelling content is the key to capturing the hearts of your audience and attracting brands. Whether you're an Instagram fashionista, a TikTok trendsetter, or a YouTube style guru, the types of content you produce play a crucial role in showcasing your unique style and establishing your influence in the fashion niche.

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Here are some of our favorite content ideas for up & coming fashion creators:

1. OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

Showcase your daily looks! Consider adding a personal touch by sharing styling tips or explaining the inspiration behind your outfit in the captions. Challenge yourself to create an OOTD once a day for 30 days!

2. Style Guides and Lookbooks

Fashion enthusiasts appreciate inspiration, and creating style guides or lookbooks is an effective way to showcase your styling prowess. Whether it's seasonal trends, capsule wardrobes, or themed outfits, these guides not only inspire your audience but also demonstrate your versatility as a fashion influencer.

3. Behind-the-Scenes

Take your audience behind the curtain by sharing glimpses of your creative process. Whether it's the selection of outfits, planning photoshoots, or snippets of your daily routine, BTS content adds a personal touch to your profile. It humanizes your brand, allowing your audience to connect with you on a more authentic level. BTS content is particularly effective in stories or vlogs, creating a narrative around your fashion journey.

4. How-to Guides and Tutorials

Establish yourself as a go-to fashion expert by creating how-to guides and tutorials. Whether it's demonstrating styling hacks, makeup techniques, or DIY fashion projects, offering valuable content positions you as an authority in the fashion space.

5. Fashion Reviews

Provide honest reviews of fashion products, brands, or trends. Your audience values authenticity, and brands appreciate influencers who can offer genuine insights. This type of content builds trust with your audience and can attract collaborations with brands seeking credible endorsements.

6. Interactive Content

Engage your audience with interactive content such as polls, Q&A sessions, or challenges related to fashion. This not only boosts your engagement rates but also allows brands to see your influence firsthand, making you an attractive choice for partnerships.

7. Fashion Hauls: Unboxing the Latest Trends

Fashion hauls are a fantastic way to showcase your recent fashion finds. Create video content where you "unbox" your latest purchases, sharing your thoughts on the fit, quality, and styling possibilities of each item. This type of content not only provides valuable insights for your audience but also demonstrates your ability to curate on-trend and fashionable pieces.

Make sure that you are tagging the brands that you’re showcasing! This is a great way to create a relationship with the brand and showcase your love for them before reaching out for a brand deal.

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