December 18, 2023

Wellness Creators: Let's Talk Brand Deals

Learning the nuances of brand deals can transform your passion for wellness into a sustainable career. Brands actively seek authentic voices in the wellness space to connect with new audiences and promote their products.

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Turn wisdom into income with these five steps to land your next deal:

1. Stay informed about active deals

Take a look at the most recent partnership opportunities in the fitness industry and familiarize yourself with the kinds of content brands are looking for. July makes this super simple! Just subscribe to our Brands with Budgets email to get updates about brands actively searching for content like yours.

2. Get your Media Kit looking sharp

Selling yourself can be hard. And designing a media kit can be even harder. But guess what? As soon as you create a free July account and link your socials… we automatically do all that for you! Check out some real examples of our users’ beautiful media kits.

3. Set your rates

How much should you even charge for a brand deal? It’d be great if there was some hard data to show you what to charge. Don’t worry - we offer it for free: use our rate calculator to estimate the value of your social channels.

4. Start pitching brands

Once you create a free July account our AI goes to work matching you with brands based on your social media content. You’ll see a match percentage next to each brand campaign. Then, you’re one button away from contacting that brand’s partnerships department; just press “Pitch.”

5. Keep pitching… A LOT

It usually takes lots of pitching in order to start hearing back from brands and eventually landing deals. While it’s fun to hand-pick the brands you want to contact on July, why not let AI do it for you automatically? Consider enabling our automatic pitching feature, which will send customized pitches on your behalf to every high-probability match the second they drop.

Ready to start capitalizing on your wellness knowledge? Take the plunge by making a free account with July - you'll unlock exclusive partnership opportunities and all our must-have creator tools.