March 1, 2024

Is My Information Secure?

As part of our commitment to transparency and data privacy, we believe it's essential to clarify how we handle users' information, particularly concerning the use of first-party connections to connect social media accounts to our platform. It's important for users to understand how their data is handled and safeguarded in this process.

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Data Handling and Security:

  1. No Storage of Personal Data: We do not store any personal data, passwords, or sensitive information related to users' social media accounts. Our platform operates on a real-time basis, using first-party connections solely to facilitate our software to work at its best.

  2. Data Protection: We prioritize the security and privacy of our users' information. All data transmission between our platform and connected social media accounts is encrypted to ensure confidentiality and integrity.

  3. Non-Sale of Information: July does not engage in the sale or distribution of users' personal information obtained through first-party connections. We are committed to upholding the trust our users place in us by respecting their privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of their data.

Purpose of First-Party Connections:

  1. Powering Media Kits: The primary purpose of utilizing first-party connections is to enhance the functionality of our platform and assist users in creating and updating their media kits seamlessly. This includes accessing relevant data from connected social media accounts to populate media kits with accurate and up-to-date information.

  2. Enhancing User Experience: By leveraging first-party connections, we aim to streamline the process of managing and presenting social media metrics, analytics, and other relevant data within our platform. Our brand matches, rate calculator, & pitch functionality is all powered by the ability to process and display your social media information.

User Responsibilities:

  1. Authorization: Users are responsible for authorizing the connection of their social media accounts to our platform. By providing consent, users acknowledge that they understand the purpose and implications of granting access to their social media data.

  2. Review of Permissions: Users should review the permissions requested by our platform before connecting their social media accounts. They have the option to revoke access or disconnect accounts at any time through their account settings.

July is committed to transparency, data security, and the responsible use of first-party connections to enhance our software services. We value the privacy of our users and strive to maintain the highest standards of data protection. By using our platform and connecting their social media accounts through first-party connections, users agree to the terms outlined in this disclaimer.

For inquiries or concerns regarding data privacy and security, please contact us at